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Notary I-9 Verification service

Employees or Companies may use a Notary Public to verify I-9 forms for new hires.


The notary will assist in verifying in person the acceptable documentation needed for employment and filling in the I-9 form on behalf of the company.

Only original documents are acceptable, with the exception of certified photocopies of birth certificates.

You must be physically present for the appointment; no online appointments are permitted for an I-9 verification.

Get your documents verified by a mobile notary for employment 

How Does Notary I-9 Service Work?

1. Book your notary appointment online with our “I-9 Verification” option

2. Enter your appointment details, address where the notary will meet, and pre-pay your appointment

3. Choose a date and time on our online calendar

4. A notary will need to see your employment documents in person and then will fill in your I-9 form

Important Mobile i-9 Verification Service Details:


Our fees reflect the cost of the notary service and travel fees to get to the appointment.


You must have a current government issued identification with at the time of your signing.


You must have any original documents required to complete the I-9 in person, no online appointment is permitted.

We cannot accept copies or photos of documents, with the exception of certified photocopies of birth certificates.


 We can help you print, scan, or mail your document. Please select this service when booking.


If your company has provided you with specific instructions on how to complete the I-9 document, please provide those to the notary when they arrive.


If you represent a company looking to hire a Notary Service to assist in verifying employment documentation and updating I-9’s for remote employees, then please contact us below and we will reach out to assist you.

Inquire about outsourcing I-9 Verifications.

Still have a question?
Visit our FAQ or contact us today.

BOOK A Notary I-9 Verification.

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