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Download official utah state power of attorney documents

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Download the official forms provided by the Utah State Courts for Power of Attorney Signings. To complete a Power of Attorney signing in Utah, sign the Power of the Attorney and Agent's Certification in the presence of one our mobile notaries.

Book online, via phone, or chat to complete your signing today.


Get legally drafted documents online


Get your estate planning documents done with LegalZoom. Create wills, trusts, and power of attorney's online with attorney's at you side.

how To Book A Power of Attorney Notary signing 

1. Book your notary appointment online with our “Mobile Notary” option

2. Enter your appointment details, address where the notary will meet, and pre-pay your appointment

3. Choose a date and time on our online calendar

4. A notary will meet you at the chosen date, time, and address

Important Mobile Notary Estate Signing Service Details:


Our fees reflect the cost of the notary service and travel fees to get to the appointment.


All signer's must have a government issued identification with at the time of your signing; if you are a student you can use an identification from your high-school or university.


 We can help you print, scan, or mail your document. Please select this service when booking.


Every signer must demonstrate a willingness to sign the documents without coercion. He/she must also be aware of what they are signing and understand the significance of the transaction.


They CAN be assisted in signing or verbally appoint someone to sign for them.


Notaries can only act as the notary on documents that require both a notary and a witness.

We can help you by providing witnesses at an additional charge. View our booking form for details.

If you have questions about obtaining witnesses, please contact us.

Still have a question?
Visit our FAQ or chat with us today.

BOOK A MOBILE NOTARY & sign your power of attorney today.

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